They came.
They rethought.
They won.lol有正规的竞猜平台吗,lpl人民币竞猜平台,lol竞猜平台

Having a great client is a blessing. Having several with the vision to ask us to help redefine their future is even better. The common thread among all: each came to Allied with a challenge and an open mind. Whether they were marketing agencies, or direct company contacts, their results became the new baseline for possible and set the standard for projects to come. Will yours be next?

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Case Studies:
Allied in Actionlol有正规的竞猜平台吗,lpl人民币竞猜平台,lol竞猜平台

Home center tile and floor sampleslol有正规的竞猜平台吗,lpl人民币竞猜平台,lol竞猜平台

Of all the point-of-sale materials in a home improvement store, tile and floor samples take a constant beating. Not only are traditional samples bulky, heavy and expensive to produce and ship, they are frequently damaged in both delivery and daily use. Allied solved this problem for a leading retailer with POPcolor®. Our process created samples so lifelike the manufacturer has abandoned the traditional product display boards for good. It began with high-resolution scanning for both the color and texture of hundreds of material samples. Images were carefully matched to the stock, press, inks, coatings and varnishes — even ambient store lighting. This image and texture control created visually identical paper samples with unheard-of savings. With little sacrifice to presentation, clients enjoyed significant reductions in production and shipping costs compared to traditional methods.

Auto warranty direct mail campaignlol有正规的竞猜平台吗,lpl人民币竞猜平台,lol竞猜平台

A leading auto finance firm launching an extended vehicle warranty program presented us with a challenge: identify, produce, sort and insert sales materials for six different direct mail packages, some with up to 35 different form versions. With complete, no-excuses accuracy, timed to match sales trends and warranty expiration dates. We created a foolproof 2-D barcode matching and coding system that blended data from the client and agency with ours. Our system was capable of packaging and sending confidential transaction data to our digital pressroom. From there, the personalized messaging and other requested materials were produced, inserted and addressed, ready to send. The result: 100% individualized content for approximately 13 million customers, with 100% accuracy in audience delivery.